a film by Ludwig Wüst

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Helen Faradji writes for nouveaucinema.ca (Canada):

"Hans, a taxi driver in a small town near Vienna, is turning 50. His wife has arranged a party with friends but as the guests gather, Hans wanders off for some time alone by the lake… and never returns. After paying a prostitute just to talk, he searches for Gertrud, a woman with whom he was able to fully play out his sadomasochistic fantasies. The memory has haunted him ever since. Koma, Ludwig Würst’s first film, dives into the murky, psychological waters of fellow Austrian filmmakers Michael Haneke and Ulrich Seidl, a “cinema of disturbance” (Matthias Frey) where spectators cannot watch without questioning their tolerance for cruelty and violence. Based on a true story, the film’s methodical and meticulous attention to detail makes every shot the measure of both an apparently calm surface and the barely perceptible ripples of violent undercurrents. Probing the seeming stability of Western culture, Koma unhooks spectators from their lifelines of unquestioned assumptions. "
nouveaucinema.ca, October 2009, Montréal