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Commentary of the 31st Moscow International Film Festival:

The film “Koma” (”Coma”) by Ludwig Wüst was of a special interest for the journalists. The film participates in the “Perspectives” competition. Austrian cinema is now in its “new wave” period – the “made in Austria” films are more often selected for the major competitions of the leading international festivals and film critics point out new stars coming out from the Austrian cinematograph. The “Koma” has become another Austrian revelation for the Muscovites. The screening was represented by a very big 8-people delegation:  all the leading actors and of course the film director Ludwig Wüst. “I’m very glad that so many Austrian film find their way,” – ha said. “But for me the most important thing is to be here in Moscow with my new product.” “Koma” is a tough drama with a complicated plot. Starting with a simple family story the film turns out to be a detective disclosure of the European society fulfilled with psychological pollution based on sadism and masochism esthetics. “The script was inspired by a real story. A man’s addiction to sadist pornography broke the real family,” said Ludwig Wüst. “And I wanted to examine the problem, not mentioning the fact that in Europe pornography problem is very relevant now especially with the Internet development.” The “Koma” director very carefully examines sexual deviations of the usual Europeans diagnosing not a single person but the socium as a doctor. No wonder when a journalist asked Ludwig Wüst if the sexual deviations have become the real problem of the contemporary civilized society, with no delay he said “yes”. Click here to view the whole press release.
moscowfilmfestival.ru, 26. Juli 2009, Moskau